Transform Dorset Ltd have been installing double and triple glazed units for more than 30 years, in fact we install most of the A rated units for our windows here in Dorset, and also supply units and glass to the public

There are an unlimited amount of options when it comes to glass, from the simple clear to the grand designs that are made by hand in house.

Decorative Glass
Decorative Glass can help add style and elegance to your windows, we can use it within our glazed units to incorporate a range of options such as Leaded glass, Georgian bars, Stained glass, Bevels and brilliantly cut glass to create a truly distinctive and unique look.

We love receiving requests for bespoke designs and we are more than happy to create and draw up a design based on your ideas and preferences.

Splash Backs
We offer a wide range of coloured splash backs which are sure to become a show stopper in any kitchen or bathroom.

At Transform Dorset Ltd, we have over 25+ year’s experience in supplying all types of Glass Balustrades for a wide variety of uses, in staircases or walkways for the home or in retail buildings. Glass Balustrades give a sense of space and light and allow maximum views to any property.

Glass balustrades are available in two forms: free standing glass barriers or as infill barriers. Free standing are fixed to the floor and have a handrail and use the strength of the glass to provide protection. As infill material to barriers constructed from posts and hand rails which will give the main load bearing capability, the glass then fills the gaps between the posts to prevent items falling through.

Fire Glass
We can source Fire Glass if required, please get in touch with the friendly office staff for more information about this product

Dorset stained glass